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of showers for many of you towards santa rosa, yountville, tomorrow. san jose clear skies. san francisco only 51 degrees. kind of chilly today. it's average for early february but there's a little chill in the air. we have clear skies over the city, as well. livermore you're at 51. san jose 51. concord 52. santa rosa 53. radar is clear now. i think by about midnight tonight we'll see showers a few hours to our north and west and by the time lawrence has the forecast for you tomorrow morning, it will be raining in the north bay hills. we could use it. the average rainfall between christmas and now is about 5" even in san francisco. we're at 1/10 of that or 10% less than one half of one inch. we could use more. you and i both know that we are very dry in the summertime. we add up the rain in the winter to get us through the dry summers. fremont 40. san francisco 48 overnight. there's a problem with this front though. some fronts have the ability to tap into some tropical moisture, the stuff to our south. some fronts just kind of scoot by and give us
here. san francisco currently 50. livermore 57. upper 50s in concord and oakland. santa rosa 52, clear and cool in san jose 55. a lot more 4s on the map than 3s. we are trending upward with overnight temperatures. san jose 42 degrees. concord 41. san francisco dropping down to 46. let's talk about a different number 7 as in 70 degrees. i went back and looked at the past five years, averaged things out. and the average first 70-degree day in san jose is actually last week. february 6. we may get there tomorrow or friday. that's how warm we are going to go. radar is clear am we'll stay clear but there are changes coming, as well. two things i want to point out. one, the storm track is still well to our north. there's some moisture up there. seattle getting rain, portland, we are seeing cloud cover crossing the oregon california border. that's about it. the other thing he want to point out is the big dome of high pressure that really hasn't moved much over the past couple of days is on the move a little bit closer to us. as the high gets clos
to the city it's 59. san jose 63. santa rosa 58. concord 63. even if you doesn't like valentine's day, i have some good news for you. earth is not going to get pummeled by a large asteroid tomorrow. this is an animation of how close -- watch -- closer closer really close -- oh!! just missed that one. 17,000 miles. that's how close an asteroid the size of a swimming pool -- there's an animation of it -- will be coming to earth. that sounds like a long distance away and it kind of is but here's the deal. our weather satellites that give your our pictures that we show you on our broadcast here are 22,000 miles away. this asteroid will be closer. a miss is a miss. we had a miss on kpix 5 high- def doppler radar because we have nothing on it. we will see that change next week. but all the way through the holiday weekend we'll be mainly dry. couple of upper 30s out there tonight. you will drop down to 38 in santa rosa and fairfield. 39 for livermore and oakland 45, redwood city tomorrow morning down to 42. big ridge of high pressure it is drying now all th
francisco 31 tied with livermore. oakland 59. concord 54. san jose 54. san francisco 51. santa rosa 57. relike to check the radar even if we have -- we like to check the radar even if we have clear skies. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar shows nothing offshore. we'll be dry. tomorrow morning chilly concord 37, san francisco 45. redwood city 38. and right around 40 for san jose tomorrow. here's the setup in the atmosphere because it's interesting because it's not for a lack of activity in the pacific ocean. sometimes there's just no moisture heading toward the west coast. there's nothing there so we don't have anything to worry about. in this case there's a tremendous amount of moisture moving toward the west coast but it's getting deflected to the north boy this ridge of high pressure and that ridge is strong enough that it's not allowing that rain to move down to the south. so we just will stay mainly dry. for the next three storms that ridge doesn't move so this pattern doesn't change. a lot of rainfall for other parts of the west coast namely ore
for the next several days. highs tomorrow, mid-60s, 66 for concord. san jose 66. oakland 65. santa rosa 65. san francisco tomorrow 61 degrees. couple of degrees added on thursday. a few more on friday first day of march we'll be in the 70s. weekend looks pleasant. partly sunny on sunday, mid- 60s. and no rain until next tuesday. could see a few showers next tuesday but the next six days more of the same. good weather to get outside with the family. enjoy it. >> thank you. >>> very kind man. he taught me how to have fun, be responsible. >> a newspaper worker died a month after he was attacked. how complete strangers are paying tribute to long-time "chronicle" vendor. >> kpix 5 the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread? (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot here to save you from another breakfas
get some frost around napa, fairfield and santa rosa. livermore down to 34. fremont 35. redwood city and mountain view in the upper 30s. radar is clear. we are one of the spots in the country that has been inactive with weather. the northeast got the blizzard. the southeast got. this take a look at this amazing video. hattiesburg, mississippi. look at that. that is actually my opinion a little too close to a tornado and not driving the opposite direction. looks like they are driving toward it more than anything else. this is the result of what happened from that tornado. i remember yesterday i was looking at the storm prediction center's website. about 65 people were injured. amazingly with the damage that you are looking at, nobody died. that's all that matters. so we're thankful for that. but a big tornado. 15 different tornado reports out of alabama and mississippi yesterday. we're talking about rainfall deficit. we have had very little activity. we could use a little rain. the deficit since the top of the year 5.25" of rainfall. if yo
radar is. the rain has ended temporarily in santa rosa and petaluma. napa, you are getting the rain now. we could use a lot of rainfall. we don't want it all in one or two days, but we need to make up some rain. the rain deficit is just over the past seven weeks. we've got virtually zero. this is our rainy season, as you know. that will change tomorrow we have the boundary stretching all the way from the pacific northwest down through california almost here. as that boundary moves through our source of air will change. on the other side of the front it will be coming down from north and west. it will be breezy just like today for the next several days, but the only real day for rainfall will be tomorrow. after this front moves through it will be wet throughout the day. we will be getting our source of air from north, but there is not moisture coming down from california. we will be chilly. it will feel like winter temperature-wise, but we will not tap into that moisture to cut into that rainfall deficit. there is a slight chance of thunderstorm
. santa rosa 54. san francisco one of the cool spots all day long, you'll be kind of chilly this weekend. the chinese new year parade tomorrow we'll have clear skies in the afternoon but temperatures will be held down into the low 50s. that said no weather impediments for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. if you are looking at your tv screen you're looking at kpix 5 high-def doppler radar employing the radars in northern california as well to show you a line of showers looks like it's heading our way but those showers will likely not make it to the bay area. tonight 30s and 40s. napa chilly 38 tomorrow morning. fairfield 37. san francisco you will drop down to 46 degrees overnight tonight. let me set things up for you because we do have this boundary moving through but the moisture won't make it here. you see the cloud cover moving in from the north and from the west. it's going to sweep through the bay area. you see the clouds, you have the clouds outside your house now but you're not going to get rainfall because high pressure anchored d
and santa rosa. notice the huge counterclockwise swivel. that's a big upper level area of low pressure, plenty of rain and mountain snowfall. the snow level will drop down to 3,000 feet. now on the other side of the low, our source of air is coming down from canada. so the rain is gone. but the chill is going to stick around. you will get some sunshine tomorrow into the mid-50s but it won't feel that mild outside because the breeze coming down from the north and northwest. that flow of air coming from the north is not going away until sunday at the earliest so we'll have cold mornings and below normal afternoons which is still 60 which is not that bad compared to other parts of the country but we'll be below normal for the next several days. cold mornings, chilly, breezy afternoons but the rain which we could use some more rainfall, i don't see any more rainfall until saturday now that this rainfall is moving out. highs tomorrow about 8 degrees below average for san jose, 5 degrees below normal for concord. that equates to 57 degrees. milpitas 56 to
. already down to 51 in livermore. san jose 51. santa rosa 51. those are spots that will likely make it to the upper 30s again tonight. oakland in the upper 50s, concord and san francisco in the mid-50s. our radar is clear. we dealt with the precipitation yesterday. but in its wake the low pressure that moved out moved on. in the sierra up to 12k" of fresh snow the first widespread snow in three weeks fell in the sierra making it tough for drivers but, you know, the mountains need it and we need to put that water in the bank for later in the year. it's golf season in tucson but not today. there's the saguaro cactus and golf tournament canceled because of the significant snow. they got a couple of inches of snow in tucson and i checked with friends in seattle. tucson, arizona, has now officially had more snowfall than seattle, washington this year. one of the crazy things weather- wise on the west coast. tonight we are cloudy skies, no new snow for us. san rafael 39, vallejo 41. 43 tomorrow morning in oakland. 41 mountain view and 40 for san jose
40s for concord and oakland. mid-40s, fives are wild for livermore, santa rosa 56. a mild even which will lead to a chilly night tonight. our radar is clear has been clear for a while. kpix 5 hi-def doppler. but you go east of the rocky mountains another big storm foot of snow for denver, foot of snow for wichita, kansas. childress, texas, had a blizzard, 40-mile-per-hour winds and amarillo, texas had 19 inches of snow. winter is really hitting hard for 90% of the country. we happen to be the 10% where things are chill. we could use some rainfall. look at the rainfall versus normal. we are at 11% of our normal rainfall for san francisco. san jose only 13%. and livermore at 20% since the start of the year. tonight clear, chilly, concord 38, san rafael 40, san francisco 46. here's why we're not getting the moisture. we're seeing an area of high pressure taking every storm and shoving it to the north and by the time it works down to the south it does so over utah and idaho not over the bay area. that will be the way for the next two or three sy
for santa rosa, and san jose 58 degrees. it will be a chilly night tonight. but not as cold as the past couple nights. redwood city you will drop down to 41. napa 40. fairfield 39. 40 for livermore and fremont. check the radar. several times a day. it has been mainly dry for a while and will remain so for the next couple of days. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry. kind of a cool chunk of video i want to show you. what does a snowstorm look like from space? the lights are coming from the big city, chicago at the bottom of lake michigan top center of the screen. all that gray you see is snowfall. it snowed this week from texas to canada east to new jersey and pennsylvania. much of the area east of the rockies had a big-time winter storm. for us, truckload full of nothing. and here's the satellite review for us showing you some rainfall to our north getting oh, so close to the bay area. but it's not going to make it here, that ridge of high pressure will just be strong enough to keep that moisture from making it here. perhaps northern mendocino county an
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12